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Melbourne Business Network Event

Melbourne Business Network - MBN - holds a series of events tailored to the needs of the members. They are designed from the feedback of our members and suit the timing, affordability and schedules to suit small businesses, solopreneurs and individuals within the corporate sector who provide services to the SME market. The aim at every event is to provide networking opportunities and build relationships and connections, an opportunity to learn new business tools, develop professionally, and be able to grow your business to achieve the outcomes and goals you want.

You will learn, share and collaborate with other professionals in a very Melbourne way.

Upcoming Melbourne Business Network Events

The "Very Melbourne" Brekkie Club September

Melbourne Business Network – MBN - is a membership-based networking association that facilitates connections, communications and collaboration with Melbourn.. + READ MORE

Time // 7:00 for 7:30 - 9:00am
Location // The Cluster, Level 17, 31 Queen Street, Melbourne, 3000
Cost // Members: $30

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