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Wise Real Estate Advice

Contact: Mark Ribarsky
Work Level 2, 1 Southbank Boulvard Southbank VIC 3006 AustraliaWork Phone: 1300009473Website:


Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer. They do not sell real estate. The key difference between a buyers’ agent and a traditional selling agent is who they represent.
Why use a buyer’s advocate? We save our customers time and money. Our wise advice can reduce risk and maximize your capital growth when buying a property.
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We offer an honest, professional & personal service that is invaluable for clients throughout property negotiations & purchases. Our services include auction bidding, property negotiation, property searching and investment strategies. If you are looking for a family home, investment property, commercial property or you’re a first home buyer, a Wise Buyers Agents can help.

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Level 2, 1 Southbank Boulvard Southbank VIC 3006 Australia