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Philotimo Global

Contact: Nigel Walton
Home Suite 6 281 Brunswick st Fitzroy VIC 3065 AustraliaWork Phone: 0404088082Website: Website:


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Providing business and investors with a high quality, efficient, nimble and consistent deal opportunity ecosystem, Philotimo leads all partners to one outcome: success.
By implementing performance optimisation strategies and systems into impact areas of business and tailored step-by-step action and implementation plans, Philotimo ensures approved client businesses and their teams are liberated into high performance machines.   Philotimo brings strategic knowledge, implementation management and performance processes that combine with Philotimo network relationship to accelerate results and the ultimate success of all our stakeholders. This system delivers for clients one of three final outcomes: scale, investment or exit.   Philotimo qualifies all businesses and investment deals through its business intelligence system ‘‘Sophia”. This system is an evolving intelligence that analyses both data, statistics and a number of Philotimo Success Indicators. Based on data-backed analysis and the unique qualifying needs of individual investors, the deal process is streamlined and the time between connection and outcomes heavily reduced.

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Suite 6 281 Brunswick st Fitzroy VIC 3065 Australia