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Contact: Chris Sprott
Work 461 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000 AustraliaMobile Phone: 0417 293 167Website: Website:


Photo of ProfileBooth

ProfileBooth is the proud winner of the Business 3000+ New Business Award 2018. ProfileBooth began in 2016 when founder and photographer Chris Sprott started to notice an increase in people wanting professional headshots to use for their LinkedIn profiles. He also realised that a lot of people did not want to go to a traditional studio as it meant having to book weeks in advance and often paying for additional services they didn’t need. The solution was to bring the photo studio to the people where it would be easy to access, time-efficient and affordable. Transforming one of Melbourne’s former newspaper cylinders into a mini-studio, ProfileBooth and the world’s first “on the street” photography studio was born. Since then ProfileBooth has expanded to offer a unique Pop Up Studio for expos and conferences, making the Booth experience available to event attendees across the country. ProfileBooth’s portable studio set up is also used in corporate offices for companies needing new headshots and/or full body portraits for their staff.

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461 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia