Update | 13things Helps the Locals
20 May 2020 | Simon Purssey, Head of Client Services, 13cabs
Simon shows how you’ll save or make more money using 13things for takeaways. If you are keen on saving money but also helping local businesses then you will find this article of interest. Read more

Update | New Road Safety Offering from Webfleet
19 May 2020 | David Latour, Webfleet Solutions – a Bridgestone company

Webfleet Solutions and GoLive Monitoring bring you the latest in market leading on-demand video solutions to help protect your people and vehicles on the road. Read more

Update | Strong link between IP Rights and Business Profitability
15 May 2020 | Mary Turonek, WRAYS
IP Australia has recently published the results of its first longitudinal research project on the impact of IP rights on Australian business profitability as part of its annual 8th edition of the Australian Intellectual Property Report 2020. The report can be found here. It is no surprise to Wrays that the study finds that ownership of patents, trade marks and designs is strongly and positively associated with profitability. Read more

Update | Decluttering the Trade Mark Cupboard
7 May 2020 | Jennifer McEwan, WRAYS
Does your business have a cupboard full of trade marks; Which have been registered for years and years? That have not been used in a long time or at all? That the business has no intention to use in the future? Which are not being used for all the goods or services for which they are registered? If the answer is yes to a number of these questions, then it may be time to declutter or clear out the trade mark cupboard. Read more

Update | Kinfolk’s Battle for Survival
30 April 2020 | Jarrod Briffa CEO, Kinfolk
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kinfolk was a growing charity with a bright future and expanding community delivering valuable social impact. Then everything changed. Kinfolk needs your support to stay afloat via its online shop or by donating directly. Help Kinfolk and support the vulnerable members of our community that have been included in their program over the last 10 years. More from Jarrod Briffa

Offer | Security Assurance Engagements
17 April 2020 | Sentaris

Rapid deployment of technology due to COVID-19 has brought with it potentially devastating risks for businesses attempting to stay afloat in these difficult times. To help you ensure your online presence is secure, Sentaris is offering Melbourne Business Network Members 10% off all Security Assurance engagements (completed before August 2020). More about Sentaris services: https://www.sentaris.com.au or call 1300 157 157   Read more

Offer | Digital Online Support Packages
3 April 2020 | MBN/WebOracle

MBN have been working with the team at WebOracle on the new MBN and B3000+ Awards logo and branding and we are very excited to officially welcome WebOracle to the fold. WebOracle is an innovative, dynamic and creative, Melbourne based digital agency. The team at WebOracle understand the business challenges in the current environment and the importance of maintaining your business brand during this time. MBN look forward to working with WebOracle and bringing you the benefits of this relationship to help get you online quickly and confidently or improve your existing online presence.  See: MBN Support Packages